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Pearl of the Indian Ocean

Known as ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’, Sri Lanka’s diverse terrain is awe-inspiring. The island nations is world renowned for its sunshine through 365 days, golden beaches, picturesque locations, colonial architecture, lush green forests, exotic wildlife, verdant tea plantations, hills, lakes and mountains. The beaches of Sri Lanka are spic and span, fun-filled and some of the most stunning in Asia.


The history of this country goes back to more than 2500 years ago and the stories can be found in many ancient texts. There are around 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in this compact island. Sri Lanka is a land for all seasons and is a proud leader of the sustainable tourism movement. Buddhism is the major religion of the island since it was introduced in the 3rd Century BC. There are a number of religious sites of significant importance to Buddhism, Hinduism, and Christianity, making Sri Lanka a destination for spiritual tours as well.


Sri Lanka’s hypnotic essence will enrapture you and leave memories for a lifetime.

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